The Eco Village Resort

Our Story

The Eco Village Resort embodies the essence of sustainable design techniques native to the region, showcasing a harmonious integration with its surroundings. Utilizing locally sourced materials such as timber, bamboo, and stone in construction, the resort pays homage to traditional Nepalese architecture, seamlessly blending into its environment. Thoughtful planning ensures the resort merges effortlessly with the natural contours of the site, with cottages strategically positioned to capture panoramic views, accessed by intricately carved stone steps. Meanwhile, the restaurant, outdoor dining spaces, and tranquil ponds are situated on flat terrain, enhancing guest experiences amidst lush, locally curated flora that complements the resort’s design aesthetic.

  • Design 80%
  • Development 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
Location: Illam Area: 300 Ropani Site: Irregular

The Challenge

Irregular site, steep contour land

The Solution

The design harmoniously integrates with the natural slopes, offering a solution that celebrates the terrain’s unique character. Garden, pond, outdoor spaces, and the cottages has been planned merging with the site layout.

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