The Eco Village Resort

Our Story

The Eco village Resort has been designed to represent the sustainable design techniques of that area. Local materials like timber, bamboo, stones, has been used while construction. Use of traditional Nepalese outlook to complement the surrounding and the locality. The planning of the resort has been done to merge with the site structure and layout. The cottages have been planned on the contours to capture the view of the overall site, with the provision of steps carved out of stones. While the restaurant, outdoor dining space and the pond has been planned on the flat terrain. Local flora has been planned accordingly to complement the design layout of the resort.

  • Design 80%
  • Development 60%
  • Customer Happiness 90%
Location: Illam Area: 300 Ropani Site: Irregular

The Challenge

Irregular site, steep contour land

The Solution

Planned along the site merged with contour of the land. Garden, pond, outdoor spaces, and the cottages has been planned merging with the site layout.

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