Fusion Kitchen Living

Contemporary design is merged with traditional building materials.

Our Story

Contemporary design is merged with traditional building materials.The modular kitchen has been designed to blend with the fusion theme of the room. Traditional style tiles has been placed in floor as well as the wall in the kitchen. The furniture layout as well as design of the furniture has been done. Modular planning has been executed while the furniture has been planned according to Vastu. Open planning is considered to merge the living space with kitchen and dining space.

  • <p>Design</p> 80%
  • <p>Development</p> 60%
  • <p>Customer Happiness</p> 90%

The Challenge

Congested space

The Solution

Open planning is implemented to consider the easy access and light provision. Light colors have been used to provide the illusion of spaciousness. The wall has been utilized for storage by providing shelves and drawers.

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